How to choose colored pencils

According to the place of origin, there are generally three types: mainland China, Taiwan, and Germany. They are oily and water-soluble in nature. In combination, it is:

1. Mainland China -produced oily pencils

2, water-soluble pencil made in mainland China

3, Taiwan-produced oil-based pencils (I dont seem to have seen water-soluble pencils in Taiwan, maybe they havent entered the mainland market)

4. Oily pencils made in Germany

5. Water-soluble pencil made in Germany

There are five choices. the 1 and 2, they are the Chinese brand. The advantage is that the price is cheap, but the disadvantage is that it is not easy to paint and the color is not very bright. It is recommended that beginners use this to practice more cost-effectively. This kind of pencil is not recommended for formal works. Taiwan-produced oil based pencil is what I like very much. I basically use this to draw. Although the price of pencils made in Taiwan is more expensive than that of Chinese ones, they are still within the acceptable range of most people, and the packaging is very cute. The advantage of 3 is that it is easy to paint, the color is also very correct, and it is easy to use. For the 4 and 5, the Germany pencil are more luxurious, of course they are very useful, I usually use some. Germany pencils are generally sold individually, and the price is between RMB 3 and RMB 3.5. The advantage is that the color is rich and the texture is fine. If you want to make formal works, you can choose any of 3, 4, and 5! In addition, some other pens can also be used to help with painting, such as ballpoint pens, highlighters, etc.


What brand of colored pencil is good

What brand of colored pencil is good for beginners? From the perspective of cost performance, I personally prefer to buy china products. I have been buying China's 24 color pencil at Klipp Mall, thick color core, moderately soft and hard, not easy to break during use, pure color, and more convenient for painting!

Other professionals will ask why 48 colors can be drawn with 12 colors, and why there are 48 colors. It's actually very simple, this is just a breakdown of the tools. 48-color colored pencils can be used directly when encountering some colors, while 12-color colored pencils need to be mixed and lined. To a certain extent, 48 colors pencils can simplify the difficulty of work. But in many cases, even when a certain ready-made color can be directly obtained, most illustrators will choose different levels of mixing to obtain the effect of subtle changes in color. This is also the reason why sometimes a person who can paint and a person who can't paint paint a simple figure. It is obvious that the figure is very simple, but there are still different effects.

People of different majors have different understandings of drawing with colored pencils. In most cases, whether you use pencils for sketching or colored pencils to draw colored works... the method of using pencils and colored pencils is to draw lines instead of smearing. This is different from other paintings in wet media. Therefore, colored pencils cannot be mixed, which has no effect on the operation of color blending. Moreover, in fact, 48 colors, 80 colors, or even 108 colors, 200+, 300+ may not be able to directly obtain the desired color for painting. But there is no doubt that when there are more colors to choose from, it can indeed save a lot of movement. Using few colors to draw colorful works also has relatively high requirements for one's own artistic quality.


1. Hard colored pencils and soft colored pencils

The refills of colored pencils are made of waxy adhesive (vehicle) in which the dye-containing dye is fixed in the shape of the refill. The more the content of the vehicle, the harder the refill will be. When drawing, use hard colored pencils. Even if the pen core is sharpened and sharpened, it is not easy to break; if the soft pencil is sharpened too long, there is a danger of breaking the core.

2. Light and dark-colored pencils

Light-colored refills are harder, darker or bright colors are softer. This is all due to the content of the medium in the pen. Try a pink that is close to white! You can immediately find that it is harder than bright pink refills. too much.

3. Drawing materials other than colored pencils

Water-soluble colored pencils can dissolve like watercolor when dipped in water; the pastel pen contains less medium, and the drawing will be powdery, and rubbing with your finger after the drawing will wipe off the powder on the drawing, but But it is the most suitable painting method for blooming. The key pen is a paper-roll-wrapped pencil with a slightly sticky refill, plastic, glass, wood, stone...anything can be drawn.

4. The cutting method of the pen core is an extremely important factor when drawing

Compared with watercolor or oil paint, colored pencils are extremely limited by the change of materials and color mixing. Therefore, the strokes of colored pencils have become extremely important conditions for manufacturing materials. The sharpening method of the pen core affects the strokes, so it is very important to choose the brush. Although the pencil sharpener can sharpen quickly and well, the lines drawn are too uniform and lack variation. Sharpen it with a knife, and the pen tip with uneven bumps can draw lines with flavor. As the angle changes and rotates, you may draw unexpected lines.


How to choose colored pencil drawing paper

Then talk about the choice of paper. Nowadays, there are more and more paper patterns. My principle is: Anything with a unique mechanism effect and good-looking background can be bought for a try, and different combinations will have different effects. But basically, any paper with a rough surface is a good choice for drawing colored pencils. Generally, about 120 grams of sketching paper can meet the needs, because of the more complicated the pattern, the more expensive the paper. Buy affordable sketching paper and do the exercises!


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