How to select a good pencil for the Electoral ballot

According to Australia's "Electoral Act" (Electoral Act), any polling station must provide voters with pencils to fill out forms.

Although there is no explicit stipulation that voters are not allowed to bring their own pencils into the venue to fill in ballots, the use of pencils is just because the pencils are cheap and good, and there will be no shortage of refills. Also, pencils can be reused for several general elections in the future.

In order to reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic, the election committees of many countries require voters to use disposable pencils issued by the committee to vote candidates when they go to the polling station to vote. After voting, voters can take the pencil away and continue using it. On the one hand, it reduces the risk of spreading the epidemic. On the other hand, the low price of pencils can also save a lot of money.

However, the Election Committee does not provide Eraser. If you write wrong on the ballot, just ask for a blank ballot, instead of revising the wrong ballot. Regarding the issue of ballot cheating, at the beginning of the vote counting, some trained special inspectors will check each ballot to see if it has been tampered with.

Since pencils are widely used in voting, how to choose the right pencil?

1. Which pencil is suitable for election and voting?
(1) For voting pencils, the lead should be black, soft, and thick, not easy to break, and 4B, 6B, 8B that are too soft should not be selected. 
"H" is Hard hardness, "B" is black, H type series is light color and hard refill, while B type series is black and soft! HB means that the depth and hardness are moderate, but considering the use of voting, it is recommended to use a 2B pencil.2B pencil is the best choice.

(2) If the ballot is to be read by a machine,  2B pencil is generally used. Because 2B pencil has better conductivity, it is also convenient for writing.

(3) The pencil must first be sharpened, and no eraser is provided. Pencils should be sharpened in advance so that they can be used immediately. Generally, there is no eraser on the pencil. If you make a mistake, just ask for another blank ballot, instead of altering the wrong ballot.

(4) It is recommended to use a hexagonal pencil. With a hexagonal pencil, writing is more convenient! For example, if one side of the pencil refill is thick, you can turn the angle to continue writing. It is more convenient to fill in the content when voting.

2. How to choose the type of pencil for the Electoral ballot 
(1) Purchase the correct pencils according to the Electoral ballot requirements. If it requires reading the voting form through the machine, 2B pencil is the only choice. If no requirement, we can choose HB pencil,2B pencil, or 4B pencil.

(2)Choose a pencil manufacturer with reliable quality. The wood should be soft and easier to sharpen. The wood foreskin on the outer side of a good quality pencil is of moderate hardness so that it will not feel particularly hard or soft when sharpening the pencil. A high-quality pencil has a cylindrical lead with no breaks or defects in the middle. A poor-quality pencil may have breaks.

(3) It is generally recommended to use 2B pencils because this kind of pencil has better conductivity, so when buying voting pencils, you must choose 2B pencils.

3. How to purchase low-cost pencils
(1) Choose a 3.5-inch pencil (also call it short pencil, golf pencil or Mini pencil). Because the pencils used on the ballot are disposable, in order to reduce costs, you can buy a 3.5-inch pencil (half size pencil), which is only half the length of a 7-inch normal pencil, which can greatly reduce costs.

(2)Choose pencils that not be painted. Because it is a one-time use, but also in order to promote the concept of environmental protection, generally do not paint, can save costs, it is best to natural wooden pencils.

(3)It is recommended not to have LOGO because engraving Logo will increase the cost and interfere with the judgment of voters. In order to ensure the fairness of the election, the pencil itself must not have any logo or slogan.

(4)Before deciding to buy pencils in large quantities, you should determine the pencil sample to see if the quality and durability of the pencil are good. If the durability is not good, do not buy in large quantities.


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